Olivaer Platz

TU Berlin | 2013 | Prof. Dieter Eckert

The Olivaer Platz lies between Kurfürstendamm and Ludwigkirchplatz in the western center of Berlin. The presented remodeling invites neighbors and visitors to profit from the square again and harmonicly fits itself among the neighboring squares. The promenade encompasses three tree rows. It shields the square center against the surrounding traffic and adds calmness and security to the square. Pedestriants can fully cross the square, as there are neither walls, nor hedges, or flower beds. The inner part seperates into a central urban square and two squares to its sides. The central square sinks two stairs into the ground. It is bordered by a wooden pergola whose rising elements mimic the optics and structure of the promenade. Two buildings are linked to the pergola. Under their shielding roofs there are cafes to offer drinks and rest to visitors.