Quartier Neuer Niederhafen

FHP | 2016 | Prof. Bernd Albers & Prof. K.-H. Winkens

From the St. Pauli key and the church St. Michael there is currently no pedestriant connection to the new Harbor City and back. The Quartier Neuer Niederhafen brings this connection and a new urban space prominently placed in the heart of Hamburg emerges. The river Alster now continues through the new sports harbor all the way into the Elbe. The building development stands up to the Elbphilharmonie and creates a new entryway into the Zollkanal. Towards the street Vorsetzen there are new offices. Around the new harbor the groundfloor is reserved for commercial space and in the upper floors up standard living space is created. At the tip of the harbor a new hotel allows for fantastic views over the city.